Matt Regnart is a contemporary artist who grew up and still resides in the coastal town of Pacifica California. He was born into a family that was very competitive in sports, and he was no different, excelling in baseball and golf. At the age of 14, Regnart quit playing baseball and and began to focus more on golf, his first love in sports.  But Regnart also had a dream to go to art school, and to one day become a professional artist. So when he graduated from high school, he continued his education at Skyline community college, where he focused his energy on taking drawing and  painting classes.  After 2 years of taking every fine art courses at Skyline, Regnart had achieved a strong portfolio, which allowed him to be granted a full presidential scholarship to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Regnart was finally in a place he felt he could further develop his skills, a place he fit in and enjoyed being, but above all, a place he felt he belonged. Regnart is currently finishing his bachelors degree in Fine Art drawing and painting, and is hoping to one day return to graduate school to get his masters degree.