One of my favorite things as an emerging artist is creating works that capture the attention of people who can not help but stop and look at my work. It doesn’t matter if they only turn their head to look as they walk past, if they stop and look, or if they take a quick picture. For a split second, they can appreciate the craftsmanship and human energy that has gone into making the piece. They do not notice the countless mistakes i've made, the frustration i feel when things aren’t looking how i want them, or the restless nights where I stay up thinking about how to get someone to stop and look at my work for a little bit longer. For me, the feeling of accomplishment sinks in when i know that someone has had a reaction to my painting, and can connect with my work in their own personal way.

I work exclusively in oil paint as I like the way it can be manipulated to create various effects with texture and different thicknesses of paint. I am dedicated to the craft of not just painting, but the craftsmanship of presentation and archival qualities. Making my own panels and stretching my own canvas allows me to have my own quality control standards, which are very high. Each piece of work is created on a canvas or panel using techniques that are proven to stand the test of time. What I am  preoccupied with the most, is creating the entire piece of art from stretching the canvas, to mounting the finished piece in a meticulously handcrafted frame. I take pride in doing these things because it allows me to be limitless in possibilities of what i can create with my hands, my head, and my heart.